Can I receive invoices through my bank in e-invoice form?

Customers in Switzerland have the option of receiving invoices in e-invoice form via their bank or PostFinance.

To register for e-invoices, simply go to the online banking portal for your bank or PostFinance. You will need to provide your customer number and E-Mail address when registering.

You will find your customer number on any invoice or when you log in with your Hostpoint ID in the Control Panel under «Admin» > «Hostpoint ID» in the «Billing Address» tab.

As soon as you have registered for e-invoices from Hostpoint with your bank or PostFinance, you will receive all future invoices as e-invoices directly through your online banking portal. Should an invoice be rejected or not paid in time, you will receive a payment reminder or warning by post as usual. For this reason, please continue to keep your postal address up to date.


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