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How can I transfer my domain to Hostpoint?

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To transfer your top-level domain (e.g. your-domain.tld) to Hostpoint, you need what is known as the transfer code for the domain. The transfer code is a security key consisting of up to 16 alphanumerical characters and is obtained from your current registrar or provider. How you obtain the transfer code depends on your registrar or provider. For example, it may be possible to view the transfer code by going to the service page. You may have to request the transfer code or it may be sent to you automatically by e-mail after you have canceled your domain with your registrar or provider or notified a change of provider. However, to speed up the process of switching providers, you can also try to find the transfer code yourself. In this case, please contact your current registrar or provider.

Once you have received the AuthCode, please order the desired domain transfer from our website: -> Domain. After we have received your order, we will begin with the domain transfer within 24 hours. You can now begin transferring your CH domains to us easily and free of charge.

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