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Domains are not assigned and managed by a centralized body, but are the result of an interplay between several people and organizations:

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The registrant is a person or organization that registers a domain name as an end customer. The registrant is therefore the owner of the domain name.

If you register a domain name with Hostpoint, you are then the registrant.


The registrar is a company that registers the domain name with the relevant registry on behalf of the registrant and charges the registrant (end customer) the cost of doing so. The registrar shall ensure that the domain name complies with the specifications of the relevant registry.


The registry is a central registration body that manages one or more top-level domains. For example, Switch manages all domain names for the top-level domain ".ch" on behalf of the Swiss government.


ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a global non-profit organization and the world’s highest body for assigning and regulating domains. ICANN ensures that each domain exists only once, is unique and accessible, and regulates management and coordination of the Domain Name System (DNS).

ICANN is also responsible for the accreditation of registrars who wish to register domain names with generic top-level domains. To be accredited by ICANN, a registrar must undergo a process and meet certain security and stability requirements.

Hostpoint has always met these requirements and was even the first domain registrar in Switzerland to receive ICANN accreditation in 2013.

What benefit does accreditation offer to me?

For you as a customer, ICANN accreditation means that your registrar meets a high level of security and reliability when it comes to managing domain names.

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