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Would you like to transfer your domain from Swizzonic to Hostpoint? In this article, we will show you how to do this step by step.

Before you can start with the actual transfer of your domain, you need a transfer code for your domain.

  1. Log into the Swizzonic Control Panel with your login data.
    Login EN

  2. Under “Domains and Products”, click on the domain you wish to transfer.
    CP EN
  3. Click on the “Domain & DNS” tile.
    CP EN2
  4. Click on the "Auth-info code" menu item.
    CP EN3
  5. Click on "Send auth-info".
    CP EN4
  6. If DNSSEC is activated for the domain, you must deactivate this setting before the transfer. To do this, proceed as follows:
    1. Click on "Back" at the top left.
    2. Open "DNS configuration" the menu item .
    3. Scroll down to "Current DNSSEC configuration" and switch to the "DNSSEC" tab.
    4. Click on "Disable".
      CP EN5

→ The transfer code will now be sent to the listed email address. As soon as you receive the transfer code, you will be able to start the transfer on the Hostpoint website. To do this, follow these instructions in our Support Center.

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