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Registration of .swiss domains is generally only permitted for Swiss nationals or people who are domiciled in Switzerland. Swiss nationals living abroad may only use their .swiss domains for private or charitable purposes or for the purposes of associations. The commercial use of .swiss domains is not permitted for people who are not resident in Switzerland, so you must provide your OASI number and address in the registration application.

Private individuals wishing to register a .swiss domain are subject to a number of conditions, at least one of which must be met. In relation to the person submitting the registration application, the desired domain name must contain one of the following:

  • an official surname or a surname entered in the civil register
  • a first name
  • a married name (e.g. Meier-Müller)
  • the common name for a registered partnership
  • a name obtained in a religious order
  • an artist’s name by which the person has become known
  • a name associated with a distinctive mark (e.g. a registered trademark) to which the applicant has the rights

Each of these components can be combined with a freely chosen name.

Nicknames are not permitted unless they are combined with one of elements above. In the case of artist names, the person must be able to prove that they are known by that name.

Important: Generic professions or names that are similar to these ones cannot be assigned to private individuals as .swiss domain names. Examples of such generic names are “”, “” or “”. Private individuals can only register such names if they are supplemented by another name (e.g. first name, fictitious name or reference to a hobby).

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