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Domains play a key role in the internet world, as they enable the following functions:

  • Identifying and accessing a website: the domain determines the name under which a website can be accessed on the internet. When you enter a domain in the address bar of your browser (e.g., you will be directed to the corresponding website. An overview of the top-level domains available at Hostpoint and their prices can be found on our website.
  • E-mail: domains can be used not only for websites, but also for personal e-mail addresses (e.g. Especially for companies, an own domain looks much more professional than an e-mail address from free-of-charge providers where the name of the provider is in the domain part (after the @) of the e-mail address (e.g. You can also find out how to use your domain name for your personal e-mail address on our website.
  • Image: domains play an important role in branding. A domain name that matches the content and purpose of the website as well as possible helps your customers find your website easily and instantly know who is behind it.
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