What conditions have to be fulfilled to register a .swiss domain?

The requested name must have a direct/objective connection to the applicant.

If the applicant has a right or legitimate interest in the name, or is generally associated with the name in the country, a registration can proceed.

Names of a generic nature and which are not tied to any special interest for all or part of the Swiss community are basically ineligible for .swiss domain names.

Brands and company names that have a designation that is generic and that are not tied to any special interest can still be assigned to the holder of the trademark rights, provided that issuing the domain does not result in any confusion, damage to a third party, or major competitive advantage on the Internet.

Domain names of a generic nature or that resemble generic domains and are tied to a special interest for all or part of the Swiss community are basically eligible to apply via name space mandate for the domain name.

These are names that generally refer to a category or class of goods (e.g. chocolate.swiss, cookies.swiss, pizza.swiss, watches.swiss), services (e.g. bank.swiss, finance.swiss, hairdresser.swiss, insurance.swiss), persons or groups (e.g. consumers.swiss, lawyers.swiss, students.swiss, families.swiss), organizations (e.g. universities.swiss, associations.swiss, clubs.swiss), objects (e.g. machines.swiss, tools.swiss, vehicles.swiss), industries (e.g. bakeries.swiss, carpentry.swiss, construction.swiss) or activities (e.g. soccer.swiss, sports.swiss, yoga.swiss) or that describe these.

A name space mandate can include several similar .swiss domain names in German, French, Italian and English.

OFCOM has published a list of generic name examples that can be assigned with a name space mandate. This is not a definitive list.

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