How can I register generic terms with a .swiss domain (e.g. tourism, restaurant, physio, etc.)?

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) has published a list of all generic terms that can be registered. Registration of such domains will require a name allocation agreement.

A name allocation agreement is a mandate agreement in which the conditions of use of a generic domain name are regulated. This mandate agreement is concluded between the applicant and (OFCOM).

Every interested party must be able to establish that the conditions set in the name allocation agreement can be fulfilled by the party and that the party serves as a representative of the respective group of people or that the registration is supported by the respective group of people.

Special prices apply for domains allocated in the name allocation agreement. All relevant information can be found at: How much does a .swiss domain cost per year?

The current list and further information about the name allocation agreement can be found on the official website of .swiss.

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