How much does a .swiss domain cost per year?

The cost for a normally allocated .swiss domain is CHF 120 incl. VAT per year.

For generic .swiss domain names that are assigned with a name assignment mandate, the following costs apply:

Domain with name allocation mandate: CHF 3300 for mandate (once) + CHF 450 per year for infrastructure and administration

If the name assignment mandate contains several names:

  • 5 designations are included in the annual fee (in CHF 450 Fr. per year for infrastructure and administration)
  • CHF 360 per year for each block or part thereof of a further 5 designations
  • Subsequent integration of additional names entails additional effort, which is then billed on an hourly basis (CHF 280.- each) rather than on a flat-rate basis. In addition, CHF 360 per year would be charged for newly opened blocks.


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