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Yes, of course, you can keep your domain registered with Hostpoint, even if you move your website and e-mail service to another provider. For the sake of simplicity, we recommend that all services be run by the same provider, but it is also possible to run a domain, website and e-mail from different providers without any problems.

In the given case, you can keep your domain registered with Hostpoint and easily connect it to your website with another provider using the name server entries or DNS records.

The easiest method is to connect via the name server. To do this, ask your external provider to provide you with the name server information and enter it in the Hostpoint Control Panel by following these instructions. This change will not impact visitors to your website.

Do you just want to switch your e-mail service to an external provider? In the following articles, we show you how to link your domain registered with Hostpoint to an external e-mail service:

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