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What is a domain?

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A domain is a unique, symbolic name referring to a host on the Internet. Domain names have a hierarchical structure. For example, all Swiss domains have the ‘.ch’ suffix, German domains have the ‘.de’ suffix, etc. This suffix is referred to as the top-level domain. There are also generic top-level domains that do not denote specific countries but, instead, are intended for specific purposes. For example, ‘.com’ is reserved for commercial websites, ‘.biz’ for businesses, and ‘.museum’ for museums.

The domain ‘’ has three parts: The Top-Level-Domain «.com» Your Second-Level-Domain A sub- oder third-level-domain called «example» An additional subdomain called «www»

The domain is an important part of a company’s identity. However, individuals must also carefully consider whether they might want to register the corresponding domain. There are many people named Roman Huber, but the domain exists only once. So secure your domain today! 

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