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Uploading your website with an FTP client

You can access your server via FTP to upload or download website data. This requires a computer with an appropriate FTP program. We recommend:

Download the desired FTP program and install it on your computer.

Establishing connection and uploading data

To connect to your web hosting account via FTP, create a new FTP account in the Hostpoint Control Panel.

Enter your domain in this field or, if it is still inactive, the host name which you can find in the Hostpoint Control Panel under “Services” > “Advanced” > “FTP” > “Settings” > “FTP server”. 

Enter the FTP username.
Enter the password of the FTP user.

Once you have connected, you will see a list of all directories and files on the server. All website directories are found in the www directory (formerly public_html). If you have created a website entry for your domain in the Hostpoint Control Panel under “Websites”, a subdirectory for your website is created automatically in the www directory. This is also referred to as the document root.

You can upload all website data to the document root of your website. If the domain is active, you can then open the website you have uploaded.

Uploading the website directly with a website creator

If you have created your website with a website creator on your computer/Mac and it lets you upload your website via FTP, you do not need any of the programs listed above to publish your website. You can use your website creator to upload the website directly.

To do this, use the connection parameters specified above to connect to the server. Please note that there will be a field for remote folder/directory/path. You must specify the document root of your website in this field, e.g. www/

In the Hostpoint Control Panel, under “Websites”, you will see the document root for the website to be uploaded.

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