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Uploading a large website with a large number of files can take some time. Therefore, it is recommended to compress the files in advance as a .zip file and upload the compressed file to the server.

How to unzip a .zip file is described in the following step-by-step instructions:


Upload the .zip file to the server

The first step is to upload the .zip file to your server. To do this you can access your server via FTP and upload the file. Here you can find instructions on how to upload files via FTP.


Set up SSH

Once the file is on the server you can connect to your server via SSH. Here you will find instructions on how to set up and use SSH.


Unzip the .zip file

After you have established the SSH connection, you have to change to the directory in which the .zip file is located. In the following example the .zip file is located in the directory: www/

cd www/

Now you have to enter the following command to unzip the .zip file:


Confirm the command with the Enter key. The .zip file will now be unzipped.



If you do not want to unzip the file in the current directory but in a specific different directory, this is possible in the following way:

unzip -d /home/user/the/target/directory
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