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In your Hostpoint Control Panel, you can use your Hostpoint ID to create and manage a Cloud Office group. At the same time, if you have the authorization, you can also manage e-mail addresses within a Cloud Office group.

You assign your domain to a Cloud Office group and all e-mail addresses are automatically assigned to this Cloud Office group when they are created. It is not possible to assign a domain and, therefore, the e-mail addresses with this domain to different Cloud Office groups.

The free e-mail addresses (Cloud Office Limited) within a hosting account are already assigned to a separate group.

Below, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to create the desired Cloud Office group and add e-mail addresses.

Follow these steps:

Log in to your Hostpoint Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID at and open the “E-mail & Cloud Office” service.

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Select “Display Cloud Office groups” at the top right and click on “Create Cloud Office group”.

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Select the desired domain and enter the desired group name. Then click on “Create”.

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To add e-mail addresses to the Cloud Office group, click “Edit” next to the group name.

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Now select “E-mail addresses” on the left and click on “Create e-mail address”.

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