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To use E-Mail & Cloud Office from Hostpoint, an E-Mail & Cloud Office license is required. This article provides an overview of this topic and answers questions about automatic renewal and cancellation of licenses.


How do E-mail & Cloud Office licenses work?

When you purchase a Cloud Office product, you purchase a license that allows you to create an e-mail address. Once you have created an e-mail address, the purchased E-mail & Cloud Office license is in use.


How are E-mail & Cloud Office licenses billed?

Newly purchased E-mail & Cloud Office licenses are billed from the first day of the following month. The contract term is 12 months. All used licenses, as well as free licenses that have not yet been used, are automatically renewed for another year.

If an e-mail address is upgraded or downgraded via Hostpoint Control Panel to another fee-based product, the existing license is adjusted. Please note that a refund of the difference is not possible in the event of a downgrade.

If you downgrade to the free Cloud Office Limited version (available with certain hosting products), your existing license will be canceled at the end of the term.


How do I cancel an E-mail & Cloud Office license?

If an e-mail address created is deleted, the corresponding E-mail & Cloud Office license is also automatically canceled at the end of the relevant license’s term.

However, if a new e-mail address is created before the end of the remaining contract period for the respective license, the E-Mail & Cloud Office license will be reinstated and the cancellation automatically withdrawn. Unused E-mail & Cloud Office licenses can be canceled at any time via the Control Panel at the end of the contract term.

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