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All Hostpoint web hosting accounts include the “Cloud Office Limited” product. You can use this to create as many free e-mail addresses as you like. However, the storage space is limited to 5 GB per mailbox and you do not have access to functions such as Hostpoint Drive or Cloud Office Documents.

If you need more storage space for your e-mails or would like to take advantage of other Cloud Office features, you need a paid license for a Cloud Office product. In this article, we will explain how these licenses work and how they can be renewed or canceled.

How do E-mail & Cloud Office licenses work?

When you purchase a Cloud Office product, you purchase a license that allows you to create an e-mail address. Once you have created an e-mail address, the purchased E-mail & Cloud Office license is in use.

What licenses are available?

Cloud Office is available in Basic, Plus and Business versions. You’ll find further information on the various functions on our Cloud Office product page.

How are E-mail & Cloud Office licenses billed?

Newly purchased E-mail & Cloud Office licenses are billed from the first day of the following month. The contract term is 12 months.

Both used and unused licenses will automatically be renewed for another year unless canceled. However, licenses that are no longer used will be automatically canceled if the associated e-mail address is deleted.

What happens to the license when you upgrade or downgrade?

If you upgrade or downgrade to another paid Cloud Office product, your existing license will be adjusted.

If you downgrade to the free Cloud Office Limited version (included with all web hosting plans), your existing license will be automatically canceled at the end of the contract term.

You can find out how to carry out an upgrade in this article. The process for downgrading is the same. Please note, however, that a downgrade is only possible if the requirements of the lower product version (e.g. for mailbox size) are met. If certain requirements are not met, you will be notified of this in the Hostpoint Control Panel.

How do I cancel an E-mail & Cloud Office license?

If you delete an e-mail address, the corresponding license for E-mail & Cloud Office will automatically be canceled at the end of the contract term.

However, if a new e-mail address is created before the end of the remaining contract period for the respective license, the E-mail & Cloud Office license will be automatically reactivated and the cancellation withdrawn.

You can find an overview of your E-mail & Cloud Office licenses including all contract terms in the Hostpoint Control Panel under “Admin” > “Contracts” > “E-mail licenses”.

CloudOfficeLizenzen 01 en

How do I withdraw a cancellation of an E-mail & Cloud Office license?

To withdraw an automatically created cancellation, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Hostpoint Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID.
  2. Go to “Admin” > “Contracts” > “E-mail licenses”.
  3. Find the license you want under “All e-mail licenses” and click on “Details” underneath.
    CloudOfficeLizenzen 02 en
    → The contract details are displayed.
  4. Click “Manage cancellation”.
    CloudOfficeLizenzen 03 en
  5. Enter the password for your Hostpoint ID and click “Cancel cancellation”.
    CloudOfficeLizenzen 04 en

→ The cancellation is withdrawn. The license will now be automatically renewed after the contract period has expired, even if it is not assigned to an e-mail address.

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