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How to transfer your domain from SWITCH to Hostpoint

450,000 SWITCH customers will have to find a new provider for their domains from 1 January 2015. Hostpoint recommends that you sort this out today. The following step-by-step instructions guide you through how to transfer your .ch domains to Hostpoint.


To execute the transfer of your domain you need a transfer code from SWITCH. To obtain the transfer code for your .ch domains, click the following URL to log into SWITCH: When you registered your domains, you received the login details from SWITCH to manage these domains online:



Once you have logged in, please click on "Order transfer code".



You will now see all of your currently registered domains with SWITCH. Select the domains that you wish to transfer to Hostpoint. If you wish to transfer all domains to Hostpoint, click on "All" (lower right-hand corner) to select all of your domains. Also make sure that the e-mail address shown is correct, as your transfer code will be sent to this address. Proceed by clicking on "continue"


Generate transfer code

A confirmation will now appear. Click on "send transfer code" to complete the process. The transfer code is displayed and sent to you by e-mail as well.


Complete the transfer

You can now transfer the domains to Hostpoint. Simply copy the entire passage of text displayed and paste it into the appropriate box on our website.



Contact details

You will now be directed to the Hostpoint Shop, where you can select your personal data type. If you already have a Hostpoint ID, you can use it to log in now. If you are a new customer, simply select the appropriate option and enter your information. Your unique Hostpoint ID will then be generated automatically.



You will now see a list of your domains once again and can select your desired method of payment. After you have agreed to the General Terms & Conditions, you can complete the transfer process by clicking "Order Now!".



Your transfer request will now be reviewed and processed. You will receive confirmation once we have processed everything for you.


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