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These instruction explain how to use SSL to protect your E-Mail accounts.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), today also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS), is a protocol used to transfer data in encrypted form.

If you would like to use encryption for your E-Mail accounts, simply make the following changes in your E-Mail program:


Not all E-Mail programs support both encryption methods. If possible, choose TLS. Otherwise, SSL is fine.

POP with TLS 110
POP with SSL 995
IMAP with TLS 143
IMAP with SSL 993
SMTP with SSL 465
SMTP with TLS 587


This simply changes the name used to contact the server. The hardware in the background is the same.

Server for incoming mails POP3
Server for incoming mails IMAP
Server for outgoing mails ASMTP

All of your other account settings remain exactly as described in the various guides.

If you are using the parameters listed above, your E-Mail program will automatically use our certificate. No additional changes need to be made in the E-Mail program.

Please feel free to contact our support department if you have difficulty integrating the certificate or if you have any general questions concerning the procedure.

Interesting insights about the functional principles, history, advantages and disadvantages as well as more information about SSL can be found on Wikipedia:

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