Step-by-step: E-Mail configuration for Outlook Office 365/2021

Step-by-step instructions for configuring your E-Mail account in Outlook Office 365.

If you have set up an E-Mail address in the Control Panel, you can configure this account in your Outlook Office 365.

E-Mail account administration

Click "File" at the top left and then "Add Account".

Automatic configuration

If the automatic setup fails and you receive a warning with a certificate error, you can accept the certificate and your email address will work.

The warning appears because our SSL certificates for our e-mail servers are * rather than your own domain.

Manual configuration

To set up the E-Mail address yourself, go to «Advanced options», select «Let me set up my account manually», then click «Connect».

Choosing the account type: POP3 or IMAP

Now choose between a POP3 or IMAP account.

Using IMAP saves your E-Mails on the server. Each time you read an e-mail, a copy is downloaded from the server.
Using POP3 downloads and saves your E-Mails to your smartphone. The messages are then deleted from the server. This way, you can also read your E-Mails offline at any time, for example if you are on the train.

If you are not certain choose IMAP.

Enter your E-Mail-password in the «Password»-Field. You defined the passsword in the Control Panel when setting up the E-Mail address. Afterwards, click on «Connect».

If the success notification appears, your account has been set up properly.


If you entered your Username or Password incorrectly, you will see an error Message. Here you can choose «Change Account Settings».

For the «Incoming mail server», enter for IMAP or for POP3.
Enter for the «Outgoing mail server».

Select either «STARTTLS» or «SSL/TLS» as the encryption method.

Verify the Port Settings according to the follwing List:

Account- and connection typePort
IMAP with connection type SSL 993
IMAP with connection type TLS 143
POP3 with connection type SSL 995
POP3 with connection type TLS 110
SMTP with connection type SSL 465
SMTP with connection type TLS 587

Click «Next» to confirm the settings. The account settings will then be checked, and you will see a success notification if the account has been set up properly.

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