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If you want to set up your e-mail address in your own e-mail client, your e-mail client usually automatically searches for the correct settings. However, this can sometimes lead to stumbling blocks:


Unfortunately, when setting up your e-mail account in Outlook, a warning message about “Certificate mismatch” will appear. This warning message appears because Hostpoint’s default settings are “*” (including the certificate), but you are using your own domain for your e-mail address. Outlook therefore warns you that the domain and the e-mail server are not identical. But don’t worry: you can ignore this warning and accept the certificate. The setup will still work.

Apple Mail

When you set up your e-mail inbox with Apple Mail, unfortunately, the message “Account name/password could not be verified” will appear. You must enter the e-mail settings manually.


When you set up your mailbox with Thunderbird, you can easily find the correct settings and add your e-mail address automatically.

If your e-mail client does not recognize the settings automatically, we recommend using our e-mail assistant. This will take you straight to the correct instructions.

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