How do I create an e-mail address?

To create an E-Mail address, proceed as followed:

Log into your Control Panel at and open your hosting.

Click on «E-Mail» at the left side of the page.

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Choose «Create an E-Mail address» and click «Continue».

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Enter the desired E-Mail address, e.g. «max». After the @ sign, select the desired domain if you have multiple domains.

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Now go to the «New password» field. Enter a secure password containing at least eight letters and one number. Enter it again in the «New password (confirm)» field.

In the «E-Mail-Account-Quota» field, you can specify the amount of storage space you would like to allocate to your account. The default value is 1 GB. However, you can change this number according to your preferences (max. 5,000 MB per mailbox).

Now click «Continue». You will now see the settings for the spamscanner.

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After you have configured the spamscanner settings according to your preferences, click «Continue» and then Finish.

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You can now access your new E-Mail address via our webmail or set it up in an E-Mail program.


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