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With E-Mail & Cloud Office, Hostpoint offers a combined product range of e-mail services and digital work applications (calendar, address book, Drive storage, etc.). But how does Hostpoint’s range differ from other, often free, service providers? What are the specific advantages of Hostpoint as an e-mail provider?

Own domain name

Hostpoint provides you with your own personal e-mail address, which you can use with your own domain name (e.g. your name or your company name).

Free migration service

We offer a free and automated migration service for your e-mails. This allows you to easily and conveniently transfer all your existing e-mails from your current provider to Hostpoint.

Combined Cloud features

In addition to your e-mail address, Hostpoint also offers you the many digital tools and work applications of Cloud Office. These include calendar and address book, Hostpoint Drive (cloud storage) and online document management and editing with documents (text documents, spreadsheets and presentations). You can find more information about Cloud Office’s many features on our website at or in the Support Center at.

Everything in one place

Manage all your digital services from the same provider. Hostpoint lets you host your domains and websites in addition to your e-mail addresses, obtain SSL certificates and use SEO tools. Discover our range of products at The Hostpoint Control Panel lets you easily manage all your Hostpoint products.

Free support seven days a week

Hostpoint support is available free of charge seven days a week by phone or e-mail (in four languages).

Data located in Switzerland

At Hostpoint, data is stored in a highly secure data center in Switzerland. Our entire infrastructure is also designed for high reliability and security.

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