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The spam scanners of all e-mail providers are constantly adapting to the current spam threats. For this reason, there is an increasing number of cases of legitimate messages being mistakenly identified as spam by the recipient.

You can take the following measures to improve the deliverability of your messages:

Add an SPF entry for your domain (Sender Policy Framework)

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a rule in the DNS zone of a domain that verifies whether a message originates from the mail infrastructure defined in it. For more information, see the following article: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender Rewrite Schema (SRS)

It is possible to add a record of the type «TXT» for SPF in the DNS zone. If you send messages via Hostpoint, this guideline will help you:u: How can I add an SPF Record for my domain?

Follow the recommendations of the e-mail providers




Test the deliverability with

DKIM/DMARC is mentioned in the test result. Please note that our outgoing mail servers do not offer DKIM/DMARC, i.e. you can ignore the warning.

We are aware of the listing on Backscatter. Part of our mail infrastructure is currently listed on the aforementioned spam blocking list, but you can ignore this.

With shared hosting (web hosting) it can happen that a server is listed in a spam blocking list, e.g. because of misuse of insecure website(s) or mail forms. Normally, once the problem has been rectified, we can have the server delisted.

Providers who use Backscatter's spam blacklist to reject mails will therefore often mistakenly lose many «good» or legitimate mails. Spamcop, a leading spam-fighting platform, also advises against blocking e-mails on the basis of spam-blocking lists as a matter of principle.

The recipient adds your email address to their list of trusted senders

To prevent your messages from being mistakenly treated as spam by the recipient's spam filter, the recipient can add your email address to their own list of trusted senders. You can also publish such a request on your website or ask your subscribers/recipients to add your email address to the list of trusted contacts.

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