How does the e-mail assistant work?

To set up your e-mail addresses quickly and easily on a local device, we recommend using the e-mail wizard. 

The e-mail wizard guides you through the instructions on any device. For Apple devices, you can even automatically apply all required settings using a configuration file. 

You can access the e-mail assistant directly at the following address: 


1. Enter your name and e-mail address and click “Continue”. 



2. Select your operating system:



3. Then select the desired e-mail program: 



If you are unsure or your e-mail program is not listed, please use the default settings, which are valid for every e-mail client.


4. Select the correct version of your e-mail client and the correct instructions will be displayed.


If you are using a device with iOS or MacOS (Apple), it is possible to download a configuration file that automatically configures your e-mail address.


Please note that some newer iOS and MacOS versions may not yet have a configuration file available.

Once the configuration file has been downloaded, open the file and enter the password for your e-mail address.

Then follow the installation instructions for Apple Mail or for iPhone/iPad to complete the automatic setup.

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