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A reliable and professional e-mail service is essential for personal and professional communication. As the leading Swiss hosting provider, we offer our customers a range of e-mail products, including various tools, secure infrastructure and Swiss support in four languages, seven days a week.

Hostpoint offers the following e-mail products in combination with Cloud Office:

  • E-mail & Cloud Office Basic
  • E-mail & Cloud Office Plus
  • E-mail & Cloud Office Business

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You can find more information about Cloud Office here in the Support Center under the category Cloud Office and in the article “What is Cloud Office?”.

E-mail settings

Set up an e-mail inbox on your devices
To use a Hostpoint e-mail address on your desired device, such as your work device or smartphone, you can use our practical setup assistant. You can find the setup assistant in Cloud Office by clicking on the gear icon in the top right and then under “Connect your device”.
Moving e-mails to Hostpoint
If you set up an e-mail address with Hostpoint, you won’t have to lose all your e-mails from existing mailboxes. Our automated migration service, Audriga, lets you easily transfer e-mails from inboxes managed by other service providers to your new inbox with Hostpoint free of charge.
Creating an out-of-office message
Are you going on vacation or will you be away for a while for work? Then use the settings page in Cloud Office to set up an out-of-office message.
Setting up forwarding
You can set up forwarding for your new e-mail address in Cloud Office’s settings. All incoming e-mails are then automatically forwarded to an e-mail address of your choice.
Configuring the spam scanner
In the spam scanner settings, specify how sensitive the spam scanner should evaluate incoming e-mails as spam. Define which senders you want to block and create your personal list of trusted senders.
Creating alternative e-mail addresses
If you want to send e-mails from different e-mail addresses, you can set up alternative e-mail addresses (otherwise known as aliases). In addition, all incoming e-mails sent to these alternative e-mail addresses will be forwarded to your e-mail address.

Further help

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