How can I add an SPF Record for my domain?

To prevent fraudulent senders/phishing abuse, you can create what are known as  SPF records (sender policy framework) for a domain. The SPF record of a domain defines which mail servers/IP addresses are allowed to send e-mails from the particular sender domain.

SPF Record with Hostpoint mailserver

  1. Log into your Control Panel and go to «Domains» at the top of the page. The overview shows a list of your domains.
  2. Click on «Edit DNS Zone» under the desired domain and scroll down a little.
    SPF Record
  3. Select the link «Add Hostpoint SPF record» here and the correct SPF record will be added automatically.
    SPF Record

  4. With «Execute now» the SPF record is saved and will be active in about 5 - 10 minutes.
    SPF Record

SPF Record with external mailserver

If you use external mail servers and not those of Hostpoint, you must add your own SPF record.

Click on the «Add new record» link and select the record type «TXT». Enter your SPF record in the «Text» field and then click on «Add Record». In this case, you will receive the appropriate SPF record from your e-mail provider.

spf record EN 04

SPF Record with external hosted domains

If you use external nameservers for your domain, please add the following TXT record to your DNS service provider:

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