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You can set up your e-mail addresses in your e-mail client using IMAP or POP3. Essentially, both methods perform the same tasks. Below we explain the key differences:


When you set up your e-mail address with IMAP, the status of the messages is mirrored from the e-mail client to the server.

Messages are still stored on the server, allowing different devices to access messages independently of each other.

This makes it possible to edit and manage your mailbox with each client with the same updated status of your e-mail address.

Local folders can also be created with any client. Please note that the contents of these folders are not synchronized to the server. These folder contents remain local and are therefore not visible on other devices.

Hostpoint recommends using IMAP rather than POP3 if the e-mail address is set up on several devices. With POP3, there is an increased risk of data loss.


If you set up your e-mail address with POP3, the status of the messages is downloaded from the server to the e-mail client and deleted from the server.

This means that messages are only saved on one device at a time. As the messages are deleted from the server, the messages may no longer be retrievable from other devices.

It is therefore recommended to use the settings of the respective client to ensure that copies of messages remain on the server or that they are only deleted after 30 days, for example.

This makes it possible to retrieve messages with other clients as well.

However, it is important to note that each client has its own status of the messages.

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