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You will receive this message when a mailbox on your hosting has used up the available space.

This problem you can encounter as follows:

You have a forwarder

Do you keep receiving E-Mails with the notification «Mailbox full» although you are forwarding the E-Mails to an external account?

Then you have selected the account type «This e-mail address is an account with redirects» when creating the E-Mail address.

If you simply want to forward E-Mails, you do not need a corresponding account on the server apart from the forwarding. Set up a forwarding only by selecting the account type «This E-Mail address is a redirect».

You have a mailbox without a forwarder

Have you not configured a forwarder for this E-Mail address and the space in your mailbox is used up?

Please check

  • Whether you are retrieving E-Mails with POP and have accidentally enabled the option «Keep E-Mail copy on the server»
  • Whether you are retrieving E-Mails with IMAP and are not deleting them periodically

Your mailbox is full of spam

To guard your account from becoming clogged with spam, you can enable the Spamscanner with its Spambox feature. This will identify undesired advertising E-Mails and automatically delete them after a certain period, thereby freeing up this space again.

The mailbox size is too small

If the size of the mailbox is still insufficient after cleaning it up, you can always increase your E-Mail quota from the Control Panel to create more space for messages.

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