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You can assign a specific size (storage space) to each mailbox that you have set up with Hostpoint. This is referred to as a quota.

You can choose the size of your mailbox when setting up your e-mail address. A mailbox can be created with a capacity of up to 5 GB (i.e. 5000 MB) free of charge.

You can view and change the current quota for your mailbox in the Control Panel. This procedure is described further here.

You won't be able to receive any messages if your mailbox is full. To avoid this, you will automatically receive notifications from us when your mailbox reaches 80% and 95% of its capacity.

You then have the following options:

Deleting messages

To delete messages, click the following link to log into Cloud Office Mail:

You will need your e-mail address and password to log in (See: How do I log into Cloud Office?).

Once you have logged in, click «Mail» at the top. Then delete the e-mails you no longer need.

Note that all subfolders, including Trash, count towards the storage quota, so you must also empty the Trash folder after you have deleted messages (moved them to Trash).

Increasing storage space

To increase storage space, log in to the Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID at and open your hosting or Cloud Office account.

Select “E-mail” from the menu. The overview shows all e-mail addresses that you have created. Click on “Edit” next to the desired e-mail address.

EN 2

Under “E-mail storage space” space, click “Increase storage space” and then “Change e-mail storage space”. Now drag the slider to the desired value.

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Finally, save the desired new value.

Archiving messages

You can save and archive your messages locally on your own device.

This requires that you synchronize the messages with an E-Mail client and then export them.

Our Support Center provides information on the appropriate settings for synchronization with your e-mail client.

The export procedure varies from client to client, so make sure to refer to the help provided by your E-Mail software provider.

Cloud Office

With a Cloud Office package, you get up to 100 GB of mailbox storage for your e-mails. In addition to standard features such as e-mail, calendar, contact management, etc., you also benefit from Hostpoint Drive and Cloud Office Documents for online file and document management.

For more information, see “What is Cloud Office?” and “How do I activate Cloud Office?”.

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